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I'm going to Tarara Winery's Gaelic Celebration this weekend with Henry and my folks.  I'm looking forward to it as I enjoyed myself the last time I went two years ago.  Nothing like doing a little wine tasting, listening to music then buying two bottles of wine and drinking them on the front deck of the winery.  

I remember once upon a time when I thought it was the worse thing in the world to be drunk in front of my folks.  Now I know that my dad has quirky sense of humor that rivals my own and mom is a light weight and a hoot to make fun of after two margaritas. Strange how relationships change and evolve.

I miss hanging out with my folks, but I told them I wasn't going to set foot in their house as long as Sarah lived with them.  I sort of regret it now and miss my nieces, but I have to make a stand some how about that woman.  She has stolen so much money from me and the family and lied so much, but because she is married to my brother and really sick they let it slide and in the process force me to let it slide. I'm no longer as close to my folks because of what happened and Henry has a real dislike of my brother and Sarah. No strain there.


But hey, happy thoughts.   The weekend is just 6 hours away.  I get to hang out with my folks and the man I love and marrying in a short 5 months, finish up my sewing and leave for a vacation in 8 days.  Fun!




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